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How to Protect Your Condo Community from Crime

Francesco Deo
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Preventing crime in condominium communities requires a combination of measures and tools to ensure safety and security. While there's no guaranteed method to prevent crime entirely, there are several actions condominiums can take to minimize risks. These include installing surveillance cameras, implementing clear surveillance camera policies, encouraging resident vigilance and reporting, establishing fob and entry policies, and providing security personnel with detailed post orders outlining their duties and responsibilities. Condominiums should also hold owners responsible for their actions and enforce rules against activities likely to cause damage or harm. By taking proactive steps to prevent crime and addressing incidents promptly, condominium communities can create a safer environment for their residents.


Crime prevention, condominium communities, surveillance cameras, privacy, security measures, resident reporting, fob policies, security personnel, post orders, owner responsibility.

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Francesco Deo
How to Protect Your Condo Community from Crime
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