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How to Plan an Event: Event Planning Steps, Tips & Checklist

Jennifer Bridges
Publication date:
May 4, 2021
Article Summary: 

How to Plan an Event: Event Planning Steps, Tips & Checklist

An event plan defines how an event will be executed, addressing all the components of an event such as start and end dates, budget, venue, marketing, attendees and more. This article focuses on large events, such as a TEDx conference, to explain the structure and challenges of planning a big event, along with the benefits of planning an event with software. The first thing to consider when planning an event is the date, followed by the number of attendees. The most important details are that an event must have a budget, venue, marketing and advertising, volunteers, speakers, sponsors, and a keynote speaker to attract an audience. All of these costs are covered by the event's sponsors.

Event planning involves contracts, marketing, logistics, stage, stage, attendees, communications, budget, speakers, event marketing, advertising, and execution. Break down the steps into concrete steps to guide success, such as determining goals and objectives, assembling a team, establishing an event budget, choosing date and venue, selecting speakers, and executing the event. There are also a few more details to keep in mind when making an event plan.


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Jennifer Bridges
How to Plan an Event: Event Planning Steps, Tips & Checklist
May 4, 2021
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