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How To Measure Project Profitability

Brenna Koeneke
Publication date:
September 20, 2022
Article Summary: 

How To Measure Project Profitability

Project profitability measures how much money a project will make for the organization that initiates it, tracking the financial gain or loss of a project. It works by comparing the revenue collected from the work done for a client to the cost to the organization for delivering those services. Profit margins are used to determine which activities make money in a project, and the larger the profit margin, the more money that project will generate. Project profitability analysis is a project accounting technique that focuses on the health of an organization or project, providing detailed data to better inform delivery management, employee management and organizational performance. Project profitability analysis is an important tool for organizations to make better business decisions and align teams.

It is important to measure project profitability, as if not making a profit, you're not in business. To do this, it is important to evaluate more than the budget and focus on the project's profit and margin. These terms are key to understanding the profit after delivering the project.


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Brenna Koeneke
How To Measure Project Profitability
September 20, 2022
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