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How to Manage Construction Change Orders and Keep Pace With Schedule?

Publication date:
January 22, 2023
Article Summary: 

Managing construction change orders effectively is crucial for general contractors to keep projects on schedule and maintain client satisfaction. Change orders are amendments to the original contract that outline modifications requested by either party, such as changes in scope, materials, services, or timeline adjustments. To manage change orders effectively, contractors should approach them proactively, communicate openly with clients, and document all changes meticulously. Key components of a change order include project information, stakeholders, requested changes, cost and schedule adjustments, and signatures from all parties involved. The change order process involves proposing, documenting, reviewing, and approving changes before they become legally binding. Utilizing construction software like Buildern can streamline the change order management process, providing templates and tools for efficient creation, tracking, and communication with clients.


Construction, change orders, project management, scheduling, contractors, stakeholders, scope, materials, services, timeline adjustments, documentation, approval, communication, Buildern, construction software.

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How to Manage Construction Change Orders and Keep Pace With Schedule?
January 22, 2023
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