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How To Make an Agile Workflow for Your Team

Jason Westland
Publication date:
March 3, 2022
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How To Make an Agile Workflow for Your Team

The agile workflow is the set of steps required to complete an agile project or an agile product development cycle. It is composed of iterative steps known as agile sprints, which are short product development stages that have a defined timeline. The main purpose of an agile workflow is to provide a flexible agile project planning tool to maximize productivity and improve customer satisfaction. It works in short agile sprints that are usually no more than two weeks and is continuously delivering small tasks and getting customer feedback. To do so, agile teams need work management software to manage their product and sprint backlog.

The agile workflow process starts with ideation, planning, and assigning tasks and resources to agile team members to get user stories done. The agile workflow process involves a cycle of sprints and product releases until the final product is delivered. Scrum is a framework for an agile workflow, and daily scrums are short meetings at the beginning of the workday. The agile team must oversee this process and provide support to any other departments. Once the product is successfully launched, the agile workflow process finalizes and the team can move to the next project or product development cycle.
When working in scrum, teams use user stories to stay in conversation with the end-user and do just-in-time analysis. Kanban is a visual tool for an agile workflow that uses a prioritized list of tasks called a backlog to manage activity. Kanban cards are the tasks or backlogs, which are prioritized and collected under the to-do column. The great thing about kanban is its transparency for team leaders, allowing them to see at a glance who is working on what and at what stage of completion. This is key for tracking and reporting on projects.


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Jason Westland
How To Make an Agile Workflow for Your Team
March 3, 2022
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