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How to Keep Your Trees Healthy

Falon Mihalic
Publication date:
August 21, 2022
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How to Keep Your Trees Healthy

Mature trees are a valuable commodity in the yard because they take a long time to establish and provide shade and year-round benefit to wildlife. Protecting them by keeping them in great health is an effective way to invest in the long-term look of your landscape. Follow these five steps to ensure that your trees are healthy, resilient, and will survive harsh wind, heavy rain and extended drought for generations.Know Your Trees' NeedsResearch and take notes on the needs of your trees, such as how much water they need and what type of soil they prefer. Make sure the tree is planted in the right place and thriving in existing soil conditions. Is the tree drought-tolerant?

If not, keep a watchful eye on it during periods of drought and provide supplemental water as needed. Protect Tree RootsHealthy roots are essential for healthy trees, which means healthy soil is also critical. Compacted soil is one of the biggest threats to tree roots because compaction impedes water infiltration and oxygen into the root zone. Focus on protecting the roots and soil within the critical root zone (CRZ). The CRZ is defined by the drip line of the tree, an imaginary circle drawn on the ground in line with where the tree's branches extend.

The roots within the CRZ are the area most sensitive to disturbance, so don't compact soil or change the grade of the soil. Protecting tree bark is important as it is like a living armor that protects the tree from fungal or bacterial infections. Sources of damage to bark include rotary spray heads, rubbing branches, and lawn equipment. Steer the mower and all lawn equipment away from the trunks of trees, and use small reflectors from the hardware store to make tree trunks visible at night. Protect tree bark from rotary spray heads, rubbing branches, and weed whackers. Trees near driveways and roads can also suffer hits from tall delivery trucks or other vehicles.


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Falon Mihalic
How to Keep Your Trees Healthy
August 21, 2022
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