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How to Get the Most Out of the Relationship with Your Contractor

Linda Duttmann
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The article by Linda Duttman highlights the importance of fostering a successful and mutually beneficial relationship with contractors in the condominium management industry. Clear and concise communication from the start is emphasized, ensuring that both parties have aligned expectations. The contractor-client relationship is likened to a partnership, and the article offers six tips to maintain a positive and effective collaboration: defining expectations, maintaining strong lines of communication, showing appreciation, knowing points of contact, ensuring a pleasant work environment for contractors, and treating contractors with kindness and respect. The article underscores that a good relationship with contractors is vital for achieving owner and resident comfort, ultimately benefiting both parties.


Linda Duttman, contractor relationship, communication, expectations, partnership, collaboration, tips, appreciation, points of contact, work environment, kindness, respect, property management, condominium industry.

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Linda Duttmann
How to Get the Most Out of the Relationship with Your Contractor
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