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How to Fix The Lock Box Fiasco

Beverley Varcoe, Ryan Cunliffe
Publication date:
October 11, 2019
Article Summary: 

The article discusses the lock box situation at many condominiums, where numerous abandoned lock boxes from REALTORS® are left unattended. The chaos caused by these lock boxes can make showings and access to units difficult. The article highlights security measures recommended by the Toronto Real Estate Board for using lock boxes, including changing default codes, avoiding obvious codes, and not labeling boxes with unit numbers. To fix the lock box fiasco, the article suggests putting up notices, contacting Realtors to label their lock boxes, cutting off remaining unclaimed lock boxes, and tracking legal and illegal Airbnb units. Regular cleanouts of lock boxes are also suggested to keep the situation under control.


Lock Box Fiasco, Condominiums, REALTORS®, Toronto Real Estate Board, Security Measures, Lock Box Removal, Cleanout, Condo Showings, Access to Units, Lock Box Chaos, Property Management.

Source Citation: 
Beverley Varcoe, Ryan Cunliffe
How to Fix The Lock Box Fiasco
October 11, 2019
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