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How to Fix Sticky Doors Before Summer Starts

Raj Kain
Publication date:
April 22, 2022
Article Summary: 

In this article, the author discusses how to fix sticky doors before summer starts. Humidity is usually the cause of sticky doors as wooden doors tend to swell and expand in warmer weather. The article provides steps to determine where the door is sticking, including checking for scratches and using a piece of paper to identify the door's sticky spots. To fix sticky doors, there are different solutions based on what's causing the door to stick. These solutions include oiling and tightening the hinges, tightening the strike plate, shaving the panel, and dealing with humidity. The article provides detailed steps for each solution.


sticky doors, summer, humidity, wooden doors, hinges, strike plate, panel, shaving, air conditioner, soap

Source Citation: 
Raj Kain
How to Fix Sticky Doors Before Summer Starts
April 22, 2022
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