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How to Execute a Needs Assessment

Jason Westland
Publication date:
March 22, 2022
Article Summary: 

How to Execute a Needs Assessment

A needs assessment is a process to identify the needs of an organization or project, similar to a gap analysis. It is used in many industries and disciplines, such as healthcare, business administration, HR and project management. It can be used to address the organization and if the project is aligned with its needs, or to discover how far apart the current conditions of the project are in comparison to the needed condition for successful completion. The needs assessment process starts with questions to identify needs, and Gap analysis then determines how to close the gap between where the organization is at present and where it needs to be at a later date. Using project management software helps streamline the process, such as ProjectManager.
The most important details in this text are that a needs assessment is important for businesses to determine if their services and/or products are being delivered on time, if the company is profitable or achieving its financial goals annually, if there is a clear vision for the company, if leads are regularly generated, if the quality of work is being continuously monitored, and if the project plan is being carefully reviewed. A Needs Assessment is important because it can be difficult to discern the needs of a project, and with a systematic process that carefully goes through the project plan piece by piece, any issues that are not being met will become evident.
The needs assessment is a powerful planning tool that helps to identify and fix gaps in knowledge, practices, skills or tools. There are seven types of needs assessment, such as gap analysis, reflection on action, peer review, observation, critical incident review and significant event auditing, and practice review. These seven needs assessment techniques are not unique to project management but can apply to many industries.


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Jason Westland
How to Execute a Needs Assessment
March 22, 2022
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