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How To Create A Workflow Diagram For Your Project (Free Tools Included)

Marshall Simmons
Publication date:
January 19, 2022
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How To Create A Workflow Diagram For Your Project (Free Tools Included)

A workflow diagram is a tool used by project managers and team leaders to map out tasks and workflows. It is commonly used for project planning, business process mapping and business process modeling, but can have other applications in industries like manufacturing and engineering. Workflow diagrams are beneficial to project management for a variety of reasons, such as helping team members better understand the task sequences in which they're involved, creating better communication between departments and giving teams a firm grasp on what they have to do. ProjectManager is an online work management software that helps create automated workflows to eliminate busy work and accelerate productivity.
A workflow diagram is a tool used to map steps in a business process. It helps identify potential roadblocks and bottlenecks in the project schedule before executing it. It also speeds up the time it takes for a new hire to get acclimated with the project. To create a workflow diagram, it is necessary to identify all the activities involved in the business process, determine the order in which these tasks will be sequenced, and define start and end points. Finally, it is important to map out the activities using rectangles.


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Marshall Simmons
How To Create A Workflow Diagram For Your Project (Free Tools Included)
January 19, 2022
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