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How to Create a Team Charter (Example Included)

Marshall Simmons
Publication date:
April 21, 2021
Article Summary: 

How to Create a Team Charter (Example Included)

A team charter is a document that outlines why the team has been brought into the project, what the team is being tasked to accomplish and the resources and constraints in which the team will be working. It is important because it outlines the project objectives and how the team is responsible for tasks that lead to the final deliverable. It also creates transparency in the team, which leads to more accountability and better team management. Finally, it gives the team the structure to build agreement on how they wish to operate within the project and how they make decisions. A team charter is a document that sets a course for the team to work together more effectively and stay aligned with the project's goals.

It is made up of several sections, such as background, mission and objectives, budget and resources, and management. Background lays the groundwork for the project, while mission and objectives define what success looks like in the project and the benefits and business driving the project. Budget and resources define the funding for the project and identify any training offered. Management identifies any questions related to costs.


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Marshall Simmons
How to Create a Team Charter (Example Included)
April 21, 2021
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