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How To Create A Product Roadmap: Example & Template Included

Kris Hughes
Publication date:
February 16, 2022
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How To Create A Product Roadmap: Example & Template Included

Product roadmaps are essential to product management because they allow the product manager and anyone involved in the project to see the big picture. A product roadmap is a product development tool that captures the product vision and strategy and serves as a guide for executing that product strategy. It is the responsibility of the product manager to create and manage a product roadmap, which sets the proper expectations while sharing the product overview and highlighting important features to come. To do this, the essential elements of a product roadmap must be understood. Product strategy is the planning process of researching the market, setting business goals, creating a product vision and developing a product based on customer and stakeholder feedback.

Goals and objectives are high-level statements that give a larger context to the product, while strategic initiatives are related user stories that are needed to complete specific goals. Product releases are the launch of new features, completion of user stories, epics and other additions to an existing product. Timelines should include due dates and milestones to track progress, and status indicators and metrics to determine the percentage of completion of tasks, goals, user stories and epics.


Product roadmap, product strategy, product management, product development process, feature prioritization, product vision, agile development, story mapping

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Kris Hughes
How To Create A Product Roadmap: Example & Template Included
February 16, 2022
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