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How to Calculate Percent Complete In Project Management

Peter Landau
Publication date:
August 23, 2022
Article Summary: 

How to Calculate Percent Complete In Project Management

Percent complete is a way to track the progress of a team when executing their tasks. It is an important part of task management and provides project managers with the data they need to see if their team is aligned with the project schedule. It is the bedrock of project management software, which provides digital tools to track the team's progress in completing their tasks. Resource management is also tied to percent complete, as if the team is behind or ahead of their deadline, the project manager can reallocate resources to get back on schedule and keep the project on track. Calculating percent complete is a simple formula that can be used to determine if a team is on target or falling behind.

Percent complete is how to track progress in a project management tool. Gantt charts are visual timelines that map tasks in one bar chart. The task duration is the bar that extends from the start date to the finish date, and the percent complete is how much the bar is filled in or shaded. There are three ways to track the percent complete, the first being using your professional judgment.


percent complete, how to track progress, project management software, gantt chart, timeline, milestones

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Peter Landau
How to Calculate Percent Complete In Project Management
August 23, 2022
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