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Project Management

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How to Assemble a Project Team

Quincy Yarbrough
Publication date:
July 15, 2021
Article Summary: 

How to Assemble a Project Team

Project management is a team effort, and a project team is a cross-functional group of individuals working together towards a common goal. There are several types of project team structures, but normally, projects are headed by the project manager. Project managers are in charge of project planning, scheduling, budgeting and tracking, and use project management software. They are responsible for creating a project plan, leading project team members, monitoring the project health and overseeing the creation of project management documentation. They are also a liaison between the project team and project stakeholders.

Project team members are individuals with a specific skill set who are needed for the completion of project tasks. They are responsible for producing project deliverables, meeting project milestones and reporting to the project manager. A project leader is a project management expert who leads project teams through the project life cycle. Project stakeholders can be internal such as project team members, employees and the change control board, or external such as communities, clients or governments. Business analysts can help project teams better determine the best course of action when executing projects.


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Quincy Yarbrough
How to Assemble a Project Team
July 15, 2021
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