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How much should you invest in Real Estate

Blueprint Management
Publication date:
March 4, 2021
Article Summary: 

In this article from March 2021, the author discusses the topic of investing in real estate. The article highlights the importance of a smart approach and strategic lens to make real estate investments worth the while. It also explains the difference between investing in residential and commercial real estate. While residential real estate may involve more expenses and competition, commercial real estate investment offers stable gains and a broader range of investments, including factories, retail stores, office buildings, medical offices, self-storage facilities, shopping malls, condominiums, hotels, apartments, and senior housing. The article suggests that investing in commercial real estate and renting out properties can provide higher returns.


real estate investment, residential real estate, commercial real estate, smart approach, strategic lens, expenses, competition, stable gains, property manager, returns.

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Blueprint Management
How much should you invest in Real Estate
March 4, 2021
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