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How Might Poor Power Quality Harm Your Business?

Circuit Energy
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Poor power quality can significantly harm businesses both technically and financially. The major consequences include damaged equipment, shortened lifespan of assets due to increased heat, and manufacturing line downtime. Common symptoms of poor power quality include voltage anomalies (sags and swells), voltage unbalance, and harmonics. Voltage anomalies can lead to unexpected shutdowns and data loss. Voltage unbalance causes excessive heating and operational issues. Harmonics create additional voltage anomalies, potentially leading to equipment overheating. Power quality improvement devices can mitigate these issues and improve system performance. For monitoring and addressing power quality problems, a system audit and comprehensive report can provide insights and solutions.


Poor power quality, Voltage anomalies, Voltage sags, Voltage swells, Voltage unbalance, Harmonics, Equipment damage, Manufacturing downtime, Overheating, Power quality improvement, System audit, Comprehensive report

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Circuit Energy
How Might Poor Power Quality Harm Your Business?
Not Available
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