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How looking at sold properties can help you make a winning offer

Author: Staff
Publication date:
March 16, 2022
Article Summary: 

The article discusses how looking at sold properties can help buyers make a winning offer in today's competitive real estate market. By knowing what similar properties have sold for recently, buyers can get a solid benchmark for current market value and figure out if a listing has been underpriced or priced too high. Additionally, historical sales data can show how floor level, unit features, and views impact the price and how often units go up for sale and how long they take to sell. The article also lists eight ways in which historical data makes buyers, renters, investors, and sellers smarter.


real estate market, sold properties, competitive market, benchmark, market value, historical sales data, floor level, unit features, views, inventory, pricing, investors, owners, selling price, appreciation, returns.

Source Citation: Staff
How looking at sold properties can help you make a winning offer
March 16, 2022
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