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How Having Blinds Protects your Belongings from Damage

Domir Blinds Manufacturing Inc.
Publication date:
February 19, 2019
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How Having Blinds Protects Your Belongings from Damage

Having blinds is pretty standard for most households, but why is it important to get blinds that are quality? Well, for one, they can protect your belongings from getting damaged by the sun. There are a number of ways this can happen, so let’s jump in and take a deeper look.

The general culprit of sun damage is UV. UV rays are actually a type of radiation that can cause sunburns or, if you go out in the sun too excessively, skin cancer. UV Rays don’t just damage skin though; they also do a number on your belongings. Letting in sunlight is great for lighting up a room but, rather than letting the sun in all day, try to keep the windows covered part of the day. This is especially good to do if the sun is hitting the window directly, as direct sunlight will do more damage.

One of the ways UV will damage your belongings is by fading the colors on them. This includes clothing lying around on the floor or dresser, the blanket on your bed, and many other things. Anything with fabric can fall victim to fading. Even the sliver of sunlight coming in from the slats or sides of cheap blinds can do the trick. More than once, I’ve found a blanket ruined from errant rays making their way inside to a guest room bedspread.

Faded colors isn’t the end of the world, of course, but it can be really disheartening and costly. Expensive blankets can lose their appeal when faded and will be a lot of money to replace. Handmade blankets or clothing are unique and irreplaceable. Letting those fade from sun damage can undo hours upon hours of hard work.

Having blinds will alleviate some of the stress on your fabrics and other fadable materials. The cover from direct sunlight can also make the fabric itself last longer, since UV can cause more damage than just faded colors.

If you enjoy keeping plants around your house, you probably also have sun filtering in constantly. After all, they need it to live! Unfortunately, UV can do damage to plants. If they can get their light without a dose of UV, it’s all the better for them.

Having motorized blinds that only open for a certain period during the day will do well to protect your plants. You can also get fabric shades that let in some light while filtering some of the UV. Otherwise, it’s advisable to get them a plant light – a lamp with a special bulb that will allow your plants to photosynthesize to their heart’s content.

Ensuring your windows are properly covered is well worth the investment to save your belongings from damage. Not to mention all of the other amazing benefits to having the blinds that are right for you. Contact us with any questions or concerns and we’ll be happy to help!


Blinds, Sun damage, UV rays, Faded colors, Plant damage, Motorized blinds, Fabric shades.

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Domir Blinds Manufacturing Inc.
How Having Blinds Protects your Belongings from Damage
February 19, 2019
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