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Physical Building Operations

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How Drones Are Changing Engineering and Building Inspections

Criterium Jansen Engineers
Publication date:
November 29, 2022
Article Summary: 

Drones are being used in the engineering and building inspection sector to improve the speed, accuracy, and safety of the process. The use of drones has reduced the time required to complete a building inspection, and high-resolution thermographic cameras allow customers to locate where their facilities may be leaking energy. Drones also increase the safety of engineers, who can focus on analyzing the footage and identifying structural deficiencies. The technological advances that come with drones allow for faster and more precise media sharing, streaming, and backup, making it easier to review any issues with clients. Drones are a cost-effective solution as they cost less than manual labor and other aerial options. Overall, the use of drones in building inspections is an exciting development that will improve facility maintenance planning and budgeting, and benefit field technicians who need to locate and repair rooftop damage.


drones, building inspections, engineering, safety, speed, accuracy, cost-effectiveness, UAV, thermal imaging, technology, building maintenance, budgeting.

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Criterium Jansen Engineers
How Drones Are Changing Engineering and Building Inspections
November 29, 2022
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