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How Do Restoration Companies Remove Tobacco Smoke?

PuroClean Canada
Publication date:
April 12, 2019
Article Summary: 

The blog post discusses the challenges of removing tobacco smoke odours from indoor spaces, such as homes and businesses. The author explains that tobacco smoke contains numerous chemicals that can cling to surfaces, making it difficult to remove the odour.

The article then goes on to describe the different methods used by restoration companies to eliminate tobacco smoke odours. These include air purification, thermal fogging, ozone treatment, and surface cleaning. The author explains each method in detail, including its benefits and limitations.

The blog post concludes by emphasizing the importance of hiring a professional restoration company to remove tobacco smoke odours, as DIY methods may not be effective and could even be harmful to health.

Keywords: restoration companies, tobacco smoke, odours, chemicals, air purification, thermal fogging, ozone treatment, surface cleaning, professional restoration, health.


The blog post explores the topic of smoking, vaping, and marijuana use in condominiums. It discusses the challenges that condo boards and property managers face in managing these activities, which can be both legal and problematic from a health and safety perspective.

The author suggests that condo boards can take a variety of approaches to address smoking, vaping, and marijuana use in their buildings. They can choose to allow these activities with certain restrictions, limit them to specific areas, or prohibit them altogether. The blog post explores the pros and cons of each approach.

The article also discusses the importance of considering the rights and needs of both smokers and non-smokers in a condo community. It suggests that condo boards should be transparent in their decision-making process and seek input from all residents before implementing any policies related to smoking, vaping, or marijuana use.

In conclusion, the blog post emphasizes the importance of finding a balance between protecting the health and safety of residents and respecting their individual rights and preferences. It suggests that condo boards should work with residents to find solutions that meet the needs of everyone in the community.

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PuroClean Canada
How Do Restoration Companies Remove Tobacco Smoke?
April 12, 2019
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