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How do I get a mortgage if I’m self-employed?

Author: Staff
Publication date:
September 2, 2021
Article Summary: 

This blog post provides tips on how self-employed individuals can secure a mortgage. It highlights the challenges that self-employed people may face when applying for a mortgage and suggests some steps they can take to improve their chances of approval. The post suggests that self-employed people should prepare their financial documents, maintain a good credit score, and work with a mortgage broker who has experience working with self-employed clients. It also advises self-employed people to consider putting down a larger down payment, providing a detailed business plan, and reducing debt before applying for a mortgage.


mortgage, self-employed, financial documents, credit score, mortgage broker, down payment, business plan, debt.

Source Citation: Staff
How do I get a mortgage if I’m self-employed?
September 2, 2021
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