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How COVID Has Changed Working in Condos

Mark Marmer
Publication date:
July 1, 2021
Article Summary: 

The article discusses how COVID-19 has changed working in condominiums. At the start of the pandemic, non-essential work in buildings was halted, and only essential services continued. Plexiglass barriers, sign-in sheets, and hand sanitizers were implemented to protect residents and staff. The pandemic led to an increased demand for touch-free door operators and a shift to overnight work to accommodate residents working from home. The article highlights the benefits of reduced traffic in the city and increased efficiency in conducting virtual meetings using platforms like Zoom or Google Meet. Despite the challenges, the construction and property management industries have adapted well, and some changes, such as virtual meetings, may continue to be beneficial even after the pandemic.


COVID-19, condominiums, pandemic, property management, construction services, touch-free door operators, work from home, virtual meetings, efficiency, adaptation, challenges.

Source Citation: 
Mark Marmer
How COVID Has Changed Working in Condos
July 1, 2021
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