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How Condos/HOAs Can Stay On Top Of Inflation

Kim Brown
Publication date:
November 4, 2022
Article Summary: 

The blog post discusses ways in which condominium corporations and homeowners associations (HOAs) can manage the effects of inflation on their finances.

The post begins by explaining the concept of inflation and its potential impact on operating costs, reserve funds, and common expenses for condo and HOA members. It then outlines several strategies that these organizations can use to stay ahead of inflation, including:

Conducting regular financial reviews and assessments to identify areas of potential cost savings or revenue generation.
Developing long-term financial plans and setting realistic budget goals.
Investing reserve funds in low-risk, high-yield vehicles that can provide a hedge against inflation.
Negotiating contracts with service providers that include inflation adjustment clauses.
Communicating effectively with residents and encouraging them to participate in financial planning and decision-making.
The post also emphasizes the importance of proactive management and planning to avoid financial crises and maintain stability for condo and HOA communities.

Overall, the blog serves as a guide for condo and HOA boards and managers to help them navigate the challenges of inflation and maintain financial stability for their members.


CondoControl, HOAs, inflation, operating costs, reserve funds, common expenses, financial reviews, budget goals, investments, service providers, communication, financial planning.

Source Citation: 
Kim Brown
How Condos/HOAs Can Stay On Top Of Inflation
November 4, 2022
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