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How Can Technology Bring Communities Together?

Brian Bosscher
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Brian Bosscher discusses how technology can be leveraged to bring condominium communities together and enhance communication among property managers, condo boards, and unit owners. He highlights four key ways in which technology can foster community building:

Mobile Apps: Property management apps enable direct communication with homeowners, announcement sharing, and instant response to reports from anywhere. Unit owners can use apps to make service requests and book amenities, leading to efficient communication.

Discussion Forums: Online discussion forums provide a platform for unit owners to voice concerns and discuss relevant issues at their convenience. Property managers can moderate these forums to ensure civil discussions and maintain control over the platform.

File Library: Property management software with a file library feature allows documents to be stored in the cloud, easily accessible to authorized users. The feature helps organize and track files while measuring communication effectiveness.

Committees: Technology facilitates communication and collaboration among condo board committees, enabling surveys, private discussion forums, shared calendars, and file uploads. Committees can involve the community in decision-making and event planning.

Bosscher emphasizes that effective use of technology can strengthen connections, enhance communication, and create more organized and interconnected condominium communities.


Brian Bosscher, technology, condominium communities, communication, property management, mobile apps, discussion forums, file library, committees, community building, unit owners, condo boards, communication efficiency.

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Brian Bosscher
How Can Technology Bring Communities Together?
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