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Hardwood Floor Repairs: Fixing Scratches and Sun-Fading

Jacob McComber
Publication date:
March 22, 2021
Article Summary: 

The article titled "Hardwood Floor Repairs: Fixing Scratches and Sun Fading" on the New Creations website provides valuable information and tips for repairing common issues with hardwood floors, specifically scratches and sun fading. It highlights the beauty and durability of hardwood flooring and explains how these issues can occur over time. The article offers step-by-step instructions on how to address scratches by using wood filler, sanding, and refinishing techniques. It also discusses the causes and solutions for sun fading, including sanding and refinishing the affected areas. Additionally, the article provides preventive measures to protect hardwood floors from future damage. The goal is to empower readers with the knowledge and techniques to restore the beauty of their hardwood floors and extend their lifespan.


Hardwood floor repairs, scratches, sun fading, hardwood flooring, wood filler, sanding, refinishing, preventive measures, beauty, durability, New Creations.

Source Citation: 
Jacob McComber
Hardwood Floor Repairs: Fixing Scratches and Sun-Fading
March 22, 2021
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