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Glazed and Confused

Paul Rudling, Jason Truman
Publication date:
August 2, 2022
Article Summary: 

The article addresses the challenges faced by older condominium buildings in Ontario with poorly performing windows. It highlights two main factors contributing to the problem: inadequate reserve fund planning for window replacement and underestimating the cost of window replacement. The article emphasizes the importance of timely window replacement after 30-40 years to benefit from modern technology and meet higher owner expectations. It also discusses the distinction between window frames and insulated glass units (IGUs) and the need for periodic IGU replacement. The article advises condominium boards to conduct a thorough assessment of their windows' condition, explore replacement options, and consider retrofitting as a temporary solution. Effective communication with owners and involving them in decision-making is crucial for the success of window replacement projects.


Condominiums, window replacement, reserve fund planning, insulated glass units, IGU replacement, window retrofit, energy savings, communication, condominium boards, window frames, window technology.

Source Citation: 
Paul Rudling, Jason Truman
Glazed and Confused
August 2, 2022
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