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Ghosting on Walls and Ceilings: Common Causes and Easy Solutions

Rainbow Restoration
Publication date:
March 19, 2024
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Ghosting on walls and ceilings occurs when airborne particulates, such as dust and soot, condense on cool or humid surfaces, resulting in streaks or lines. This phenomenon is commonly caused by insulation gaps, poor indoor air quality, high humidity, and inadequate ventilation. While ghosting itself is not harmful, it may indicate underlying issues that require attention. Distinguishing ghosting from mold is important, as mold poses health risks and structural damage. Addressing the root causes of ghosting, such as improving insulation, enhancing ventilation, and reducing particulate matter in the air, can help prevent its recurrence. Professional restoration services like Rainbow Restoration® offer mold remediation and removal for buildings experiencing mold-related issues.


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Rainbow Restoration
Ghosting on Walls and Ceilings: Common Causes and Easy Solutions
March 19, 2024
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