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Future-Focused in the Digital Age

Mark D. Hopkins
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Mark D. Hopkins discusses the importance of property management companies in the Ontario condominium industry staying future-focused in the digital age. He emphasizes the need for these companies to stay current with technology, provide well-trained managers, and achieve efficiencies for their boards. Technology impacts customer experiences and expectations, and property management companies are expected to offer digital solutions to make tasks easier for boards, managers, and residents. Hopkins emphasizes that technology also plays a key role in hiring and retaining quality property managers by centralizing administrative tasks and allowing managers to focus on their core responsibilities. Investing in training and development, promoting a culture of change, and ensuring cybersecurity are crucial aspects of adapting to the digital age. He concludes by stating that technological transformation is an ongoing process, and companies that embrace change and constantly update their systems will remain competitive in the industry.


Mark D. Hopkins, property management companies, digital age, technology, customer experience, green technology, energy management, training, work/life balance, data breaches, cybersecurity, competitive advantage.

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Mark D. Hopkins
Future-Focused in the Digital Age
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