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Funds, Studies, and Plans - Oh My!

Jon Juffs
Publication date:
February 17, 2022
Article Summary: 

The article discusses the fundamentals of common element replacement and major repairs in condominiums, focusing on funds, studies, and plans. It explains that the fund is a separate account of restricted money used to cover future expenses, while a study is an independent evaluation of common element longevity and associated costs. The plan involves accumulating enough money to afford future work, either by saving more or spending less whenever possible. The Condominium Act in Ontario requires reserve fund studies to guide future funding plans, with a minimum duration of 30 years. Some reserve fund planners offer 45-year and 60-year options to capture long-lived expensive items that may fall outside the 30-year time frame in the next update. By opting for a 60-year cash flow plan, condo boards can avoid drastic increases at the next study and achieve a legacy plan with higher contributions, but also higher financial security for the future.


Funds, Studies, Plans, Condominiums, Reserve Fund Studies, Future Funding, Longevity, Costs, Property Manager, Maintenance Fees, Cash Flow Plan, Condo Boards, Legacy Plan, Financial Security.

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Jon Juffs
Funds, Studies, and Plans - Oh My!
February 17, 2022
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