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Frequent Problems Caused by Poor Window Installation!

Eco Choice
Publication date:
May 5, 2021
Article Summary: 

The most important details in this text are the common problems caused by poor window installation. These include drafts, caulking issues, and water damage. Poor window installation can lead to drafts, breezes, and cold winds, which can reduce energy bills and increase resale value. To avoid these problems, it is recommended to contact a professional for window installation and replacement. Caulking is a sealant that helps windows retain their energy efficiency while maintaining a stunning, professional look.

Water damage is the source of most problems windows face, from molds, mildews, and warping and rotting. The most important details in this text are the signs of a bad window installation job. These include water damage, fogging up despite good weather, and gaps between the frame and windowsill. It is important to hire a trusted window installer such as Eco Choice to ensure the job is done properly. Additionally, it is important to learn about window installation before choosing a window type.

Window installation can be classified into two broad categories: retrofit installation and full frame (also called brick-to-brick installation). Retrofit installation is a cosmetic fix that leaves the old frames in place and uses aluminum capping to cover the exterior of the window. Full frame or brick-to-brick installation is recommended for homeowners facing problems with their windows, as it ensures proper insulation between the stud and the window frames. The age and condition of the home affects the need for window installation. If the structure is not in prime condition, a full frame installation is necessary to get rid of water damage or rot.

Contact Eco Choice for exceptional service and installation. Messy window installation can lead to operational failures and costly repairs.


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Eco Choice
Frequent Problems Caused by Poor Window Installation!
May 5, 2021
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