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For the Record: Comprehensive Record-Keeping in the Digital Age

Sarah Petrie, RCM
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Sarah Petrie, an RCM (Registered Condominium Manager), discusses the importance of comprehensive record-keeping in the digital age for condominiums. The article highlights that effective record-keeping is crucial for the operation of a condominium, ensuring legal and ethical obligations are met. The Condominium Management Services Act, 2015 (CMSA) requires accurate and complete record-keeping, which includes both 'Core' and 'Non-Core' records. The article explores the transition from paper to digital records, outlining the requirements for proper electronic record storage. The benefits of organized record-keeping are emphasized, including its role in building board confidence, facilitating decision-making, and resolving disputes. The article also discusses the challenges that arise when record-keeping goes wrong, emphasizing the importance of proper documentation during management turnover. It suggests the potential for standardized turnover forms to enhance the transfer process. The ability to retain historical communications and decisions in digital form is also highlighted, making records easily accessible and providing peace of mind to all parties involved.


record-keeping, digital age, condominium management, Core records, Non-Core records, CMSA, electronic records, management turnover, standardized forms, communication folders, decision-making.

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Sarah Petrie, RCM
For the Record: Comprehensive Record-Keeping in the Digital Age
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