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Fob Cloning in Condominiums

Michel Lauzon
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Fob cloning has become a significant threat to condominiums' security, with various methods available for unauthorized individuals to clone access control credentials (fobs). The article explains how traditional fob technology works, the vulnerabilities it presents, and the techniques used for cloning fobs. Cloning involves programming a blank fob with the same identification number as a valid fob, granting unauthorized access. To counteract this threat, high-frequency smart credentials and mobile credentials with two-way encrypted communication are recommended, as they are more secure against cloning. However, implementing these technologies requires replacing existing fobs, card readers, and access control panels, which can be costly.

To discourage fob cloning, the article suggests several strategies, including selling fobs at reasonable prices to prevent residents from seeking cheaper alternatives, auditing fobs frequently to deactivate unused ones, and making it easy for residents to purchase new credentials through various channels. Additionally, property managers and security staff should be trained to recognize signs of cloned fobs and unauthorized access. The article concludes by emphasizing the importance of taking action to address the fob cloning threat and maintain the safety and security of condominium communities.


Fob cloning, access control credentials, key fobs, RFID, smart credentials, mobile credentials, encrypted communication, security, property managers, condominiums.

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Michel Lauzon
Fob Cloning in Condominiums
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