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Family Matters: The Terrible Home Buying Advice We Hear From Parents

Robert Van Rhijn
Publication date:
June 4, 2022
Article Summary: 

Parents' home buying advice may not always be helpful, especially in today's competitive housing market. Some real estate agents have shared terrible advice they have heard from parents over the years, including waiting for the "perfect" place, putting in low-ball offers, buying a forever home, and using the listing agent to represent the buyer. It is advised to see through minor flaws and listen to your realtor, avoid low-balling and instead rely on the realtor's advice, start with an affordable home, and hire your own realtor for proper representation. Parents may want to protect their children or feel like they have a say, but it is important to consider advice from real estate professionals.


Real estate, home buying, advice, parents, down payment, GTA, condo market, property showings, low-ball offers, forever home, listing agent, representation, negotiations.

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Robert Van Rhijn
Family Matters: The Terrible Home Buying Advice We Hear From Parents
June 4, 2022
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