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Toronto Condo News
Publication date:
March 1, 2023
Article Summary: 

The article titled "Face-to-Face Owner Meetings" explores the importance of conducting face-to-face meetings among condominium owners. It emphasizes the benefits of in-person meetings, including improved communication, transparency, and community engagement. The article highlights the value of direct interaction and discussion in fostering a sense of unity and collaboration within the condominium community. It discusses various aspects related to face-to-face owner meetings, such as meeting frequency, agenda preparation, effective facilitation, and encouraging active participation. The article aims to encourage condominium boards and owners to prioritize and maximize the benefits of in-person meetings for a stronger and more connected community.


face-to-face owner meetings, condominium owners, in-person meetings, communication, transparency, community engagement, direct interaction, unity, collaboration, meeting frequency, agenda preparation, effective facilitation, active participation, condominium boards, community connection.

Source Citation: 
Toronto Condo News
March 1, 2023
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