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Ensure Smoke Control Systems Are Working Properly

Trace Consulting Group
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In light of recent fire incidents in high-rise buildings in Toronto, it's crucial for condominiums to ensure their smoke control systems are functioning properly. These systems, comprising mechanical and electrical components, manage smoke movement during fire events to protect occupants and first responders. Condos must have maintenance and testing procedures in place, as required by Ontario and National Fire Codes, and maintain records of tests for compliance. Property managers can use formal specifications for testing and maintenance when tendering service contracts. If a condo lacks a maintenance and testing procedure document, a professional engineer or architect should be engaged to engineer a tailored plan. Regular maintenance and testing, along with prompt rectification of deficiencies, are essential to ensure the effectiveness of smoke control systems.


Smoke control systems, Fire incidents, High-rise buildings, Condominiums, Maintenance procedures, Testing procedures, Compliance, Regulatory requirements, Ontario Fire Code, National Fire Code, Property managers, Service contracts, Professional engineer, Architect, Regular maintenance, Deficiency rectification.

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Trace Consulting Group
Ensure Smoke Control Systems Are Working Properly
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