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Engaging Experiences with Digital Signage

Peter Pietrzkiewicz
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Peter Pietrzkiewicz discusses the use of digital technology, specifically digital signage and resident portals, to enhance the resident experience in condominiums. Digital signage is being integrated into residential properties to deliver real-time building announcements, community messages, board meeting schedules, and advertising content. Research shows that residents find digital screens effective for receiving information and engaging with content. To create engaging experiences with digital signage, several components are essential:

Digital Displays: Placing high-resolution screens in high-traffic areas like lobbies and elevators to maximize audience engagement during dwell times.
Content Management Systems (CMS): Online platforms for managing and scheduling messages to be displayed on digital screens, allowing property managers to add, edit, and publish content in real-time.
Emergency Override System (EOS): Immediate communication tool for alerting residents during emergencies and directing them to safety.
Resident Portals: Integration with resident portals to display building announcements and unit-specific messages.
Relevant Content: Displaying advertisements, building announcements, and relevant messages that cater to local businesses and residents, making the communication tool versatile and impactful.
The use of digital signage and resident portals provides residents with a modern upgrade that enhances their sense of connection and convenience within the building.


Peter Pietrzkiewicz, digital technology, digital signage, resident portals, resident experience, communication, content management systems, emergency override system, relevant content, condominiums, audience engagement, modern upgrade.

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Peter Pietrzkiewicz
Engaging Experiences with Digital Signage
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