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Embracing Diversity

Bill Lang, RCM
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Discusses the importance of embracing diversity in condominium boards and the challenges that underrepresented minority groups face in becoming involved in these positions. The author emphasizes the need for greater diversity in condo boards to reflect the changing demographics of condo ownership. The author shares personal experiences, including instances of racist behavior, to highlight the barriers that minorities may encounter. The article advocates for meaningful efforts towards diversity and inclusion, rather than token gestures. Strategies for promoting diversity include direct communication with owners, surveys, town hall meetings, and seeking diversity of thought. The article also addresses the concept of "token directors" and emphasizes the importance of electing qualified individuals who can contribute effectively to the board. The author concludes by expressing hope for the future of diversity in the condominium sector and the need to continue striving for equitable representation of all diverse backgrounds.


Diversity and inclusion, condo boards, minority representation, challenges, changing demographics, barriers, racism, tokenism, communication, meaningful efforts, diversity of thought, qualified individuals, equitable representation.

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Bill Lang, RCM
Embracing Diversity
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