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Elevators Let You Down?

Michelle Kelly
Publication date:
March 4, 2019
Article Summary: 

The article discusses a recent case that sheds light on the legal standard expected of condominiums in relation to injuries caused by malfunctioning elevators. The plaintiffs in the case alleged that the mother was injured due to mislevelling of the elevator and sought damages of $2 million. The defendants brought summary judgment motions asserting that there was no genuine issue for trial. The judge found in favor of the defendants, stating that the condominium and manager had in place a reasonable system to meet their duties and keep the property reasonably safe for visitors. The judge concluded that there were no additional reasonable steps that should have been taken to ensure the premises were safe for visitors. The article provides lessons for condominiums, including the importance of putting in place reasonable systems to ensure the property is properly maintained and repaired and keeping adequate records of all inspections, maintenance work, contracts, and other relevant documents.


elevators, condominiums, malfunctioning, injuries, legal standard, liability, negligence, preventative maintenance, contracts,

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Michelle Kelly
Elevators Let You Down?
March 4, 2019
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