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Elevator Inspections vs. Elevator Testing vs. Elevator Audits

BH Elevator
Publication date:
July 7, 2023
Article Summary: 

In the elevator industry, terms like inspection, testing, and audit are often used interchangeably, but they have distinct differences. An elevator inspection is carried out by the Authority Having Jurisdiction to assess if the elevator equipment complies with current State and Municipal elevator codes for safety. Testing is a part of the inspection process and is conducted by the Elevator Service Provider to ensure the elevator or escalator meets the required standards. On the other hand, an elevator audit is not mandatory by code but is pursued by building owners or property managers to evaluate the safety, performance, and maintenance of the vertical transportation equipment. Audits provide insights into the condition and service of the equipment, often resulting in performance and service improvements from the elevator service provider.


Elevator industry, Inspection, Testing, Audit, Authority Having Jurisdiction, Safety, Elevator equipment, State and Municipal elevator codes, Elevator Service Provider, Hydraulic elevator, Traction elevator, Escalator, Dumbwaiter, Vertical transportation, Performance, Maintenance, Building owner, Property manager, Service contracts, Equipment life cycle, Deferred maintenance, Elevator maintenance plan, Compliance, Service improvements

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BH Elevator
Elevator Inspections vs. Elevator Testing vs. Elevator Audits
July 7, 2023
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