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Effective Meeting tips for Board members

Jennifer Dickenson
Publication date:
March 9, 2020
Article Summary: 

The article provides tips for effective meetings for board members of condominium corporations. The manager's contributions to effective meetings include creating an agenda, providing the manager's report in advance, recording decisions in minutes, and keeping the conversation focused. Board members can make meetings effective by checking their calendars, being on time, reading documents beforehand, staying focused on agenda items, listening and contributing, deciding or agreeing to disagree, staying calm, and working together. The article also explains how meetings are called according to the Ontario Condo Act, and it encourages board members to review their code of ethics, educate themselves, report conflicts of interest, respect the chair and fellow board members, and prepare for meetings by reading the board package in advance. During the meeting, board members should avoid side conversations, play as part of the team, take notes, be honest about tasks they can complete, and not take enforcement issues personally. After the meeting, board members should review the minutes and report when they have completed assigned tasks.


Effective Meetings, Condo Board, Board Members, Agenda, Minutes, Proxy Forms, Electronic Voting, Condo Act, Code of Ethics, Conflict of Interest, Board Package, Time Management, Meeting Etiquette.

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Jennifer Dickenson
Effective Meeting tips for Board members
March 9, 2020
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