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EAVESTROUGHS - A Year Round Concern

Bill Clark
Publication date:
April 12, 2022
Article Summary: 

The article "How to Prevent Leaks in Older Residential Buildings" from the Winter 2022 issue of the CCI South Alberta CCI Review discusses common causes of leaks in older residential buildings and provides preventative maintenance and repair solutions. The article highlights that leaks in basements are not necessarily a sign of poor construction but are often a result of a combination of time and natural forces. Causes of leaks include hydrostatic pressure, seepage, backsloping, poor reinforcement, and non-structural cracks in concrete walls. To prevent leaks and maintain the building's integrity, various measures are suggested, such as installing waterproofing membranes, ensuring proper grading and drainage, consulting structural engineers for necessary repairs, and maintaining window wells and drains. Timely detection and addressing moisture ingress are crucial to avoid further structural damage and potential health risks caused by mold growth.


Leaks, older residential buildings, prevention, hydrostatic pressure, seepage, backsloping, poor reinforcement, non-structural cracks, waterproofing membrane, grading, drainage, structural engineer, window wells, mold growth, moisture ingress.

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Bill Clark
EAVESTROUGHS - A Year Round Concern
April 12, 2022
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