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Driving a Cultural Transformation: IBM’s Performance Development Journey

Sarah Bloznalis
Publication date:
November 12, 2021
Article Summary: 

IBM, in partnership with Workhuman, has developed a feedback-based performance management system that empowers employees and helps them reach their full potential. The system, called Checkpoint, replaces yearly, absolute ratings with a self-driven feedback model that provides a more holistic evaluation of employees. It uses five core values, including business results, client success, and innovation, to align IBM's performance strategy across departments, offices, and countries. The system has been successful in encouraging employees to take ownership of their development, improving skills, driving career progression, and promoting a culture of feedback and human connection. The collective approach, which allowed IBMers to contribute to the development of Checkpoint, has been instrumental in creating a sense of ownership and driving growth. The success of the system is evidenced by a 5x increase in feedback requests and responses.


IBM, Checkpoint, Workhuman, feedback, performance management, human connection.

Source Citation: 
Sarah Bloznalis
Driving a Cultural Transformation: IBM’s Performance Development Journey
November 12, 2021
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