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Document Recovery

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BELFOR specializes in the recovery and restoration of documents, including vital records, books, photos, and special collections, when they are damaged by water, fire, storms, or mold. Utilizing advanced, proprietary equipment, processes, and methods, BELFOR offers services to restore a variety of materials such as archives, audio tapes, books, blueprints, digital files, photographs, and more. The company has specialized document laboratories across North America, staffed by trained document recovery specialists, and equipped with advanced technology such as vacuum freeze dryers, thermal vacuum freeze dryers, and desiccant drying. BELFOR also performs specialized cleaning for smoke and fire damage using particulate removal sponges, ionized air washing, and deodorization techniques. Mold, mildew, and bacterial damage are addressed using sterilization methods like gamma radiation or electron beam radiation. Additionally, BELFOR can manage asbestos and lead removal on documents, ensuring the safety and integrity of restored materials. Security measures are in place at BELFOR's facilities, including secure access, video monitoring, and passcodes for entry.


Document recovery, Restoration, Water damage, Fire damage, Smoke damage, Mold damage, Mildew, Bacteria, Archives, Books, Photographs, Special collections, Desiccant drying, Vacuum freeze drying, Thermal vacuum freeze drying, Ionized air washing, Deodorization, Sterilization, Gamma radiation, Electron beam radiation, Asbestos removal, Lead removal, HIPAA awareness training, Security measures, 24-hour emergency hotline

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Document Recovery
Not Available
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