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Do I Need A Chimney Liner?

A-1 Quality Chimney
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This article discusses the necessity of steel chimney liners and challenges the common belief that they are required for all brick fireplaces. It highlights that most brick fireplaces are constructed to code and do not necessarily require a steel liner. The article explains the implications of using a steel liner, including reduced draft area and the need for preheating before lighting a fire. It identifies specific situations where a steel liner may be necessary, such as when installing a wood-burning insert or experiencing smoke backdraft. The article emphasizes the importance of getting a second opinion if advised to install a steel liner unnecessarily.


Chimney liners, steel liner, brick fireplace, fire code, draft area, wood-burning insert, smoke backdraft, chimney fire, chimney inspection.

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A-1 Quality Chimney
Do I Need A Chimney Liner?
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