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Do I Have A Raccoon in My Attic? If You Hear Noises, Act Now!

Brad Gates
Publication date:
January 28, 2022
Article Summary: 

This article warns readers to act promptly if they hear consistent noises coming from their attic, as it could indicate the presence of a raccoon or squirrel. The author explains that raccoons typically give birth in approximately two months, which means that the noise level will increase significantly once the babies are born. The article provides details on the distinct high-pitch crying noise of baby raccoons, which can occur day and night. It also advises readers to call a professional to book a free estimate if they suspect they have a raccoon or squirrel in their attic.


Raccoon, attic, noises, baby raccoons, chirping noise, professional, estimate.

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Brad Gates
Do I Have A Raccoon in My Attic? If You Hear Noises, Act Now!
January 28, 2022
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