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Do Condos Allow Pets? (2023) What You Should Know

Jordon Scrinko
Publication date:
January 13, 2023
Article Summary: 

The blog post by Precondo addresses the topic of pets in condominiums, providing insights into the policies and considerations related to pet ownership in condo communities. The article explores the question of whether condos allow pets and highlights that the rules and regulations regarding pets can vary from one condo corporation to another. It explains that while some condos have strict no-pet policies, others may have certain restrictions or specific guidelines in place. The post discusses common factors that influence condo pet policies, such as building size, type of pets allowed, pet registration, and the management's consideration of noise, cleanliness, and potential conflicts among residents. It also provides advice for condo buyers or residents who have or wish to have pets, including researching the condo's pet policy, adhering to the rules, and considering the well-being of the pet and the community. Overall, the article aims to inform readers about the varying pet policies in condominiums and the factors to consider when living with pets in a condo environment.


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Jordon Scrinko
Do Condos Allow Pets? (2023) What You Should Know
January 13, 2023
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