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Diversity and Inclusion in Condominiums

Stephanie Sutherland, MSc
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Discusses the importance of diversity and inclusion in condominium communities and offers strategies for promoting harmony among diverse populations. It acknowledges the advantages of diversity in creating well-rounded communities but also highlights the potential challenges arising from misunderstandings and differences. Strategies for addressing diversity-related issues include effective communication, transparency, and consideration of differences. The article presents scenarios involving various aspects of diversity, such as cultural practices, family status, and ownership status, and suggests ways to address conflicts that may arise. It emphasizes the significance of open dialogue, informal meetings, and professional mediation in resolving conflicts. Additionally, the article emphasizes the importance of adhering to the Human Rights Code of Ontario, which protects individuals from discrimination based on various personal attributes. Condominium boards and property managers are encouraged to consider potential Code issues and consult legal counsel when addressing complaints or proposing solutions that may impact protected rights. Overall, embracing diversity and working together to overcome disputes can lead to a vibrant and healthy condominium community.


Diversity and inclusion, condominium communities, communication, transparency, understanding differences, cultural practices, family status, ownership status, conflict resolution, informal meetings, professional mediation, Human Rights Code of Ontario, discrimination, protected rights, legal counsel.

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Stephanie Sutherland, MSc
Diversity and Inclusion in Condominiums
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