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Disappearing Kitchens

Toronto Condo News
Publication date:
February 24, 2023
Article Summary: 

In this article, it is discussed how kitchens are becoming less relevant and are serving more of a food storeroom or lunchroom role than a gathering place for friends and family. Younger generations view the kitchen differently and are home less frequently, spending less time in the kitchen. Condominiums without a full kitchen are now readily available and many no longer include a stove, creating more space for other purposes. Dark kitchens have sprouted to serve the market of those preferring to "prepare" meals by purchasing kits complete with instructions. Supermarkets are adapting by offering more prepared meal options. The article suggests that kitchens may soon exist only as a place where someone else prepares food for delivery to the home where it may be reheated.


kitchens, relevance, food storeroom, lunchroom, gathering place, condominiums, stove, younger generations, restaurant food delivery, prepared meal options, dark kitchens, technology, supermarkets, meal preparation, delivery.

Source Citation: 
Toronto Condo News
Disappearing Kitchens
February 24, 2023
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