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Detoxifying the Condo Manager’s Workplace

Juliet Atha
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Condo managers face numerous challenges in their role, including long hours, constant availability, and the need for diverse skills. Workplace disrespect and harassment are unfortunately common, but recent legal rulings highlight the duty of condominium corporations to protect their managers and staff. Keeping records of incidents and seeking legal advice early can help address harassment effectively. Communication and realistic expectations are key to de-escalating conflicts, while respect for the manager's work and personal time is essential. Given the shortage of condo managers, it's crucial for the industry to promote a culture of respect and appreciation to retain talent and ensure high standards of service.


Condo manager, workplace disrespect, harassment, legal rulings, condominium corporation, communication, realistic expectations, respect, appreciation, talent retention, compensation.

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Juliet Atha
Detoxifying the Condo Manager’s Workplace
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